“Scott Watson clearly understands how leaders and managers can perform at their best .”

Professor Emeritus, John Thompson

Leadership Speaker on
Emotional Intelligence

Not afraid to share important messages without the sugar-coating, Scott Watson is an entertaining, thought-provoking Speaker driven to enable leaders, teams and organisations to boost effectiveness and performance, without it taking absolutely ages.

Scott doesn’t deal in psychobabble, boring theory or untested approaches; he deals in what works, and what is proven to consistently delver outstanding results.  And you can enjoy learning some of them with Scott.

21 Years of Experience Condensed
In To Just 60 Minutes

With more than two decades experience in coaching under pressure executives, high potential talent and under performing teams to create rapid, sustainable change, Scott shares with your audience precise, time-tested, easy to apply tools and approaches you can all immediately use.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Conference

See for yourself what the Executive Leader of the UK's Environment Agency thought about Scott Watson's keynote presentation on Leading with Emotional Intelligence at their Annual Leadership Conference.

Emotional Intelligence Coach for Entrepreneurs

Vinh Giang, one of the USA's most in-demand keynote speakers on entrepreneurship, and highly successful online entrepreneur, has this to say about his Emotional Intelligence Coaching with Scott.

Engaged, Entertained, Educated Audiences

If you want your audience to leave engaged, entertained, educated and committed to applying the tools and approaches they learn with Scott, perhaps getting in touch with Scott’s team may be a good idea?

Scott Watson is an in-demand international Speaker, appointed by senior executives to deliver hard-hitting messages that not only resonate with your audience, but inspire commitment and intelligent action.

Keynote Presentations Include 

How To Lead Through Uncertain Times

Focuses on the 5 specific qualities and competencies that leaders and managers need to consistently demonstrate to equip colleagues to perform well during uncertain times. 


The Missing Link in the Leadership Chain?  EQ!

Explores how and why technical competence is helpful, but not enough to equip, enable and encourage colleagues to do their best with you, for you, and deliver best organisational value. 


5 Vital Lessons Every Team Needs To Learn

Teams often aren't really teams, they are simply groups.
The best teams who consistently outperform others have all learned vital lessons about how to operate, standards, boundaries and more.

Scott always designs a keynote presentation to match your organisation’s specific requirements. This ensures the key messages are not just communicated, but understood, and ultimately, acted upon.

Your organisation’s financial investment is dependent on the number of audience members, time duration and location. Please enquire for more details.

If you’re interested in securing Scott for your event, you can get in touch via the Form below or calling 0845 052 3701 (UK).