Executive Coaching for Leaders

“Is there any point trying to improve if the tools aren't sharp or not fit for purpose?”

Scott Watson

Leaders, senior and Board level executives trust Scott Watson not only to equip, enable and encourage them to face into and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, but also to refine and optimise already outstanding performance.

Executive Emotional Intelligence

Whether the challenge be recovering from a major operational setback, stakeholder backlash, unforeseen drop in business performance, balancing technical expertise with a suite of deeply human self and people leadership skills or moving from excellent to exemplary performance, Scott gets the call when a leader or leadership group has seemingly ‘tried everything’ but not achieved any measurable or meaningful progress.

Executive Coaching With Accountability
& Clear Commercial Focus

Clients enjoy the pragmatic, supportively challenging and precise nature of Scott’s executive coaching; all delivered in a high-trust, candid and jointly accountable relationship.

Executive Coaching with Scott is not about spending (or wasting) hours reflecting, pondering, procrastinating and wondering. In fact, clients enjoy the unique approach Scott provides which is a personal thinking space, within a supportive, challenging and accountable environment.

Executive Coaching clients include senior leaders within FTSE 250 companies, public and private sector organisations, and an increasing number of successful and established niche entrepreneurs.

Executive Coaching with Scott Watson Isn't For Everyone

Delivered globally either in person, via Zoom online meetings or FaceTime, executive coaching with Scott Watson is not for everyone. And neither is it designed to be all things to all people.

Executive Coaching with Scott is exclusively designed for, and only offered to, executives who are truly committed to creating meaningful changes and improvements in clearly defined areas of leadership and operational effectiveness and performance.

If you are seeking an Executive Coach who will be your new best friend, pamper to your every need, and help you to develop an unhealthy and financially costly dependency on them, Scott isn’t for you.

Facing In To The Challenge of Change

Imagine for a moment. You are facing the challenge of change.

Change, Challenge, Opportunity

A changing way of working, a changing economy, a changing regulatory landscape, a changing marketplace, a changing top team. Change and challenge and constant. As are opportunities.

Who can you speak with about the concerns you have? The potentially brilliant ideas you may generate? 

  • Who do you trust enough to listen to you to truly understand, rather than simply to respond?
  • Who do you trust enough to invite their feedback, and s/he understands that they can actually disagree with you? You the boss!

Executive Coaching Options

  1. 1-2-1 Breakthrough Coaching (7 hours)
  2. 1-2-1 Growth Acceleration Coaching (24 hours)
  3. Dynamic Leadership Coaching (14 hours)

Coaching sessions can last anything from 3 hours to 30 minutes.  With coaching discussions being focused on delivering genuine value for you and your organisation, when value has been achieved, the discussion closes.  Then we speak again within one week to track and accelerate your progress.

With Scott Watson as your Coach, you benefit from and enjoy unfiltered, independent, expert feedback. You won’t get a ‘Yes Man’ that strokes your ego by agreeing for the sake of agreeing. If this is the kind of Executive Coach you may enjoy collaborating with, you are welcome to get in touch.