Senior Leadership Team Development

The UK arm of a global leader in its industry, Veolia Industries had identified that its senior management team would benefit from exploring how to lead their teams, and manage themselves more effectively.

Understandably, the business is process focused, and now was the time to focus on equipping and enabling employees and teams to collaborate more effectively, develop high trust relationships and develop a culture of candour, for everybody’s benefit.

An immersive two-day leadership development programme which focused on creating greater self awareness for participants, greater personal ownership of decision making, communication, and goal achievement, plus, how to create, maintain and nourish an emotionally engaging, high performance culture.

"I am very pleased that I appointed Scott Watson to support out company with its leadership development programme.

Having approached seven potential providers, I was disappointed that some didn’t respond to my enquiry whilst others only provided ‘off the shelf’ training which didn’t suit our specific need and pricing, which as a Finance and Human Resources Manager, I deemed excessive.

Our two days with Scott Watson were very productive and valuable for our team. We have already achieved short term, immediate wins following our learning with Scott, and this is within only five days following the leadership development programme.  I highly recommend him for value focused, immersive and meaningful leadership development training, which is also very enjoyable."

P Davis

UK Finance & HR Manager

The Problem:

Senior leaders under pressure to achieve understandably challenging performance goals began to work in their own silo's rather than collaboratively across teams.

Opportunities to respond more quickly to issues, opportunities and potential threats, to improve efficiency, provide mutual support and make higher quality decisions were being missed.  

An absence of meaningful senior team cohesion resulted in missed opportunities and absence of candid dialogue where deserved.

Whilst unintentional, the commercial impact wasn't good.

The Solution:

A bespoke two-day Leadership Development programme exploring Emotional Intelligence and its link to high performing leadership, self management and teamwork.

Individual and team activities focusing on the commercial reality and consequences of default silo working and benefits of timely, focused cross team collaboration.

Developing a culture of candour, shared understanding of the SLT's most important goals, managing impulsiveness when making decisions and individual and collective responsibility for their achievement were all explored by the SLT.