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The school’s Principal was eager to explore innovative and practical methods of supporting every member of the school’s staff to become an even more effective group.

Even though a relatively ‘young’ school, their first OFSTED inspection was extremely positive. Now the Principal wanted to equip all staff members, regardless of their personal role, with tools, skills, techniques that would enable them to:-

  • Understand the value of teamwork and collaboration in a highly regulated sector
  • Appreciate what they excel at individually and transfer this quality to a team environment
  • Deal with disagreement and conflict more confidently, efficiently and collaboratively
  • Boost self awareness about how staff all have an impact on each other and students
  • Create a healthier ‘Emotional Climate’ in the classroom and working environment

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What The Client Says

The quality of support provided by Scott Watson and his team has been exceptional.

I am Head Teacher of a school whose students have very complex social, emotional and mental health needs, so as you can imagine our continued professional development needs to be very specific to those needs.

One thing I considered was that we (all employees) needed to look at our own Emotional Intelligence because clearly to be successful with children with complex needs, staff need to operate on such a level that we are acutely aware of not just our students’ needs, but their own also.

Scott Watson was very thoughtful, and very patient in thinking through specific priorities for my staff team in terms of developing our Emotional Intelligence.  He was highly considerate and quite astute in identifying the gaps in our Emotional Intelligence.

The training was really fabulous and he has been highly encouraging towards me as Head Teacher.  For me, this typifies what Scott Watson is about.  He is someone I would highly recommend.

L Brown
Head Teacher

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