An established agricultural college which was facing significant change and uncertainty, the College Principal & CEO was committed to supporting staff to better manage themselves to deal with the challenges being faced, and also enable Managers to maintain their focus and student engagement.

Scott Watson was appointed to develop and facilitate Emotional Intelligence training for the College’s Senior Leadership Team, Managers and also to provide incisive leadership coaching for the Principal & CEO.

What The Client Says

Having the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about Emotional Intelligence and all its different facets has allowed me, through discussion and exploration to understand myself as a leader and prepare strategies for my future.

The EQ-i 2.0 assessment report I received was well laid out and explained, but it was the discussions with Scott Watson that bought the information to life and allowed an exploration on how I currently use my skill set and how more aware I can be as I continue to develop in my role of leader.

My discussions with Scott have enabled me to better understand my default positions and why this is the case in many of the situations I am challenged with in my role as Principal and CEO.  To be so much more aware of my internal tool-kit has been both powerful and helpful.

The leadership coaching with Scott Watson has left me feeling awakened and aware of my emotional responses and default mind set, and confident in the strategies I can implement to take control of this in all future decision makings and challenging situations with others, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

J Townsend
Principal & CEO