Emotional Intelligence Training for Senior Leaders

Already the industry leader in its sector, Denplan was in a strong position to expand its already successful business. 

Committed to pursuing growth not just for the business, but for employees too, the Board of Directors identified that developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and Managers was a vital ingredient in the recipe for continued growth, success and employee engagement.

"The Emotional Intelligence Training for Leaders programme was very successful for several reasons including the content, delivery and the feeling of well being and enthusiasm it generated in all those who participated.

Many of the hints and tips presented are still being used by our employees as they aim to improve the way the work together."

S Ellis

HR Director

The Problem:

The client was eager to avoid becoming complacent due to its already market-leading position and brand strength.

Developing new ways to engage, enable and equip employees, from the most senior to the most junior, with practical ways of managing their focus, efforts and well-being as well as improving collaboration, trust and value creation were key to further growth and employee satisfaction development.

The Solution:

A series of 3-day Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Masterclass sessions designed to explore and develop specific Emotional Intelligence competencies and link development to organisational priorities, goals and aspirations.

Hands-on, immersive and fun learning enabled a genuine commitment from participants to actively apply their learning back in the workplace, making value creation relatively easy.