Unconscious Bias Training for Leaders

The client was committed to doing everything it could to maintain and further develop a consistent approach to leading, managing and decision making in every area of its organisation.

Unconscious Bias had been identified as a worthwhile organisational development initiative as the subject spans many areas of organisational life from gender pay gap and recruitment and selection decisions through to leading and collaborating.

"The Unconscious Bias training was engaging, interactive and informative.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott Watson and his team and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future."

N Burnham


The Problem:

The leadership team and managers weren't aware of the many pitfalls and issues which can arise when unconscious biases override prudent, objective decision making and communication.

To best serve and support students, staff and stakeholders, it was time to explore Unconscious Bias in fine detail to deliver greater value for all.

The Solution:

Scott's team designed two hour Unconscious Bias Masterclass sessions which were attended by senior leaders and managers throughout the College.

Exploring biases including Confirmation, Affinity, Halo Effect, Optimism and how biases differ from prejudices, participants' own awareness of personal biases and their impact were developed.