Executive Coaching for Directors and Senior Managers

Rapid expansion had led the business to a point where leadership, management and team standards, boundaries and communication had become inconsistent, and teams weren't operating or performing as effectively as they could.  Developing a clear, unambiguous leadership and management method and standard was vital if the business was to perform at or near its best.

"The Emotional Intelligence coaching has genuinely presented leaders and managers with a realistic opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in a way that is bringing about lasting benefit for the business.

If you are seeking a meaningful and lasting improvement in your leadership and management teams effectiveness, in a people centred environment, partnering with Scott Watson would be an excellent choice."

K Smith

Group Operations Director

The Problem:

Senior leaders were technically brilliant, but worked in silos rather than across departments. Decision making wasn't joined up and the risk of operational inconsistencies was high.

The absence of any structured approach to management of people and outcomes meant that managers were doing the best with what they knew, but not clearly focused on longer-term performance improvement.

The Solution:

Emotional Intelligence coaching for Directors and Senior Managers which enabled each individual to understand how they could better manage themselves, their thinking, their communication, decision making and effectiveness.

An accountable, value focused development plan for each coachee ensured lasting improvements were achieved.