Mr Emotional Intelligence®

Business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs around the world call on Scott Watson to coach, advise and train them on how to create a rapid change in performance, and make the change last long-term.

With 22 years experience of successfully applying Emotional Intelligence to organisational and leadership development projects, Scott is an acknowledged expert in Emotional Intelligence.

His unique approach has led to him presenting and coaching worldwide.

Leadership Coaching with Entrepreneur, Vinh Giang

Why would a highly successful L.A. based entrepreneur & keynote speaker choose Scott Watson as his Leadership Coach?

Because he realised he could be even more effective successful using EI.

Leadership Conference with the Environment Agency's Senior Leaders

What did the UK's Environment Agency to appoint Scott Watson as their leadership conference speaker?

Because they wanted and deserved a hands-on, meaningful EI learning. Not 'fluffy' theory and untested techniques.

Educating Her Majesty's Royal Air Force on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Command and Control leadership does have its place and benefits.
But when applied consistently, a group can quickly disengage, standards and performance plummet.  H.M. RAF invited Scott  to help them partner their approach with a more engaging, enabling and encouraging approach which raised morale and standards. 

£8.2 Million Return on Investment?

When a client resigns itself to losing customers to competitors, creating and executing a commercially focused, win-win customer retention strategy is top priority.  And this is what Scott did with Bradford & Bingley.