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November 12, 2023

 Emotional Intelligence coaching with Vinh Giang.

Even the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs benefit from Emotional Intelligence coaching.  Here's what one highly successful client has to say.

With more executive level leaders and entrepreneurs seeking independent support from a Leadership Development coach, identifying a credible coach who can deliver meaningful change/s, measurable improvements in specific areas, an promote personal ownership for the coachee is vital.

Already successful & keen to develop

Vinh Giang was already a successful online entrepreneur when we began to collaborate.  Owning an online magic school with thousands of paying subscribers, business was really good.

Vinh though wanted to explore how to develop his own Emotional Intelligence.  And that's what we did.

You'll see in the video testimonial that he is now an international keynote speaker with a fabulous reputation.  The key point to be aware of though is this.  Vinh was already very successful as an entrepreneur, but he didn't 'settle'.  He wanted to learn.  He wanted to explore.  He wanted to develop.

While the specific outcomes achieved from our coaching collaboration remain private and confidential, his comments speak volumes.

How about you?  

Are you a leader wishing to explore how to maximise your own personal and professional effectiveness and success?  Are you a leadership coach or business consultant who wants to understand what I term 'Real' Emotional Intelligence and achieve a globally recognised certification in this niche subject?  

Either way, you're welcome to get in touch for a chat.

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