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September 31, 2023

Emotional Intelligence Coaching Case Study

Learn how an under-pressure senior business leader benefited from Emotional Intelligence coaching with Mr Emotional Intelligence®.

Organisations appoint Mr Emotional Intelligence® to coach senior leaders for a variety of reasons.  They include, the leader:-

- Is moving from a specialist technical role to a more generalist role.

- Is gets the job done, but forgets the journey for team members.

- Is becoming overwhelmed with the pressures of their role & need to reset.

- Wants to explore how s/he can equip and enable high engagement with direct reports.

- Is struggling to articulate their thinking in a Board meeting and losing credibility with peers.

Plus, many other reasons.

From Abrupt Tech Expert To Enabling Leader

The Before and After coaching visuals you see above are excerpts from a senior leaders EQ-i 2.0 assessment report.  Published with permission, you'll see that before coaching commenced, the individual possessed a number of low range scores (below 90) including:-

Self Regard (64), Self Awareness (54), Empathy (41), Reality Testing (33) and Impulse Control (72).

Bear in mind that without a healthy dose of Self Awareness, a major risk is that emotions just appear out of nowhere without warning, moods just show up and stick around. This is especially true when feeling emotionally charged - disappointed, frustrated or angry. Low range Self Awareness results in the individual first of all not being aware of, so not noticing or being in a position to manage, emotions which manifest. Partnered with low range Impulse Control - the jump before you look response, and low range Empathy and Self Regard - that inner self-confidence, what do you think this leader's inner experience is like with himself?

Now consider the high range scores (above 110) and their potential impact:-

Self Regard (64), Self Actualisation (87), Assertiveness (108), Independence (110), Problem Solving 113), and Stress Tolerance (117).

It is a myth that 'the higher your emotional intelligence the better leader you will be'.  It's complete nonsense.  But some authors and trainers claim it to be fact, so trusting readers and leader believe it to be so.  It's not!

Balanced emotional intelligence is the key to effective self management, and in this specific case people leadership.

So, you're working in this leaders team.  They're highly assertive, impulsive, independent and Empathy has gone walkabout.  What do you think your journey working with and for this leader might feel like?  Nourishing? Or perhaps Punishing?

Changing From The Inside Out

The journey for most of this leader's direct reports was fractious, low trust and transactional. The leader was after all hired to turn around a department which was failing.  Failing to deliver projects.  Failing to protect the company's profit margin.  Failing to attract repeat custom because of its consistent inconsistency.

A new leader that nobody knew, brought in to 'turn the department around', with team members' who were technically proficient, in some instances expert, but not so great at collaboration.  Each preferred to focus their efforts and attention on their own area.  Working outside of their silo wasn't deemed important or helpful.  The reality of the fact that silo working, alongside previously ineffective leadership was the main reason projects weren't successful, that profits were dropping and customers were leaving hadn't hit home.  Yet.

In short, the leader was frustrated with failure, coupled with annoyed that nobody seemed to want to be 'up front' and honest about issues, and solutions to resolve them.

Take a look at the After coaching scores (above 110) on the leaders report and consider their potential impact:-

Self Regard (109), Self Actualisation (119), Assertiveness (108), Independence (113), Problem Solving (126), and Stress Tolerance (126).  

You can see that the improvement in Self Regard, inner confidence, Self Actualisation, pursuing a meaningful goal have been dramatic.  Assertiveness and Independence remain unchanged.  Look though at the dramatic changes to Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy and Social Responsibility alongside Optimism.

Quite a positive change, you'll agree. But what about the results?

Looking beyond the numbers

The overview of results you see on this page are just that.  The EQ-i 2.0 psychometric assessment is the world's only scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessment tool, its accuracy brilliant.  But, it is what's done by the leader after the dots have been joined up, when commitment to create positive personal, professional and indeed organisational benefit has been made, that delivers the return on investment.

Some of the results achieved by this leader and their team in the 6 months following the Emotional Intelligence coaching programme are detailed below.

Results that can be shared with you included...

Greater cross-team planning and collaboration.
Improved personal ownership of achievement of agreed outcomes.
An open, honest environment where 'speaking truth to power' was encouraged.
A much-needed reset for the leader to balance project delivery with leading people.
A £211,000 return on investment (measured by the client organisation).
More projects began to be delivered on time and with profit margin protected.

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